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Thalia Thompson-Toney

Star Consultant


My Story

My Scentsy journey started back in March of 2016. I was approached about Scentsy at a time in my life when I needed a change, but I wasn't quite sure what kind of change. I began to think that if I didn't at least give this a try, I would never know what the outcome could be. Since starting my Scentsy journey, I have truly loved every bit of it - no regrets! I have loved every opportunity it has brought my way. I have met some truly amazing people some of which I know will be lifelong friends. I have been able to become a part of family that truly allows you to grow in a multitude of ways. I love spreading the Scentsy love and life with others.

The personal growth I have had has truly been unimaginable. The events I have been able to attend and the amazing individuals I have come in contact with has changed my life and my perspective on life in so many ways. True inspiration on so many different levels. I have made numerous connections throughout the community and I am grateful from the overwhelming support I have gained. From a spiritual point of view, my level of spirituality has seen depths that would not have been possible without Scentsy in my life. This journey has been more than I ever thought and I will be forever grateful and blessed!

I have been able to develop so much from a personal stand point. I have seen myself become a leader, which I never really envisioned within myself. With my teammates, I love to see how Scentsy is changing their lives in such a positive manner as it did for me. I cannot explain the goodness and positivity this journey has brought me and my family.

Furthermore, the promotions, trips and rewards I have earned thus far have been an outstanding experience. Another thing I love that it is safe for my 3 children to enjoy just as much as we can! I am forever humbled for this life-changing opportunity! At a time when things were very dark for me, Scentsy truly brought me the happiness and fulfilment I needed to get me back into an atmosphere full of hope and faith!

What gets me is others have commented so much to about the changes they have seen with me and the success they have seen. The number one comment I have heard is, "Thalia you look so happy when it comes to your Scentsy business. I'm so proud of you!" Tears of joy usually start when I hear that lol but I am always smiling from ear to ear. I reflect and realize, I have something that is truly MINE; something I can take ANYWHERE with me; something I am truly PASSIONATE about; and something that has allowed me to go to places I never would have went and meet some AMAZING people (both Scentsy Sisters and my clients). My children love it whenever a Scentsy box arrives at the door and the happiness it brings to them is truly heart warming. Scentsy has been a blessing in disguise and my family and I LOVE IT!!!! I can't wait to see what else is embedded in this beautiful journey.

My Favourite Scents